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October 27, 2014


Drunk Chinese man falls into container full of raw sewage on shortcut home from bar

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Hey, if his shrew of a wife hadn't made him go home in the first place it wouldn't have happened.

Sometimes when you lie down with dogs, the dog moves.

So it says he leaned over and vomited only to fall into the vat of excrement. Well he also fell into a pile of his own vomit...which I suppose was the least noxious substance he got on himself.

I imagine GPS doesn't have a cut little icon for 'raw sewage'.

OK, I'm never complaining about my hubby smelling of beer ever again...

While stationed in Okinawa I learned early about the need to be aware of the benjo ditches around town which carried raw sewage. Most had nice concrete covers on them, but from time to time, you'd come across a section sans nice concrete cover. Every time a new group of Marines rotated in, the first weekend there would be at least one coming back with a leg covered with poo. Some would even abandon their shoe instead of recovering it from the ditch. Incidentally, Poo-filled Shoe WBAGNFARB.

Fell, or was pushed?

This could be a c/w song "I did not get Lei-ed tonite".

"Fang said he had learned a valuable lesson from the incident" He used the singular, but there were plural valuable lessons to be learned.

He needs to move to a less effluent part of the city.

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