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October 27, 2014


Friends dare each other to lick electric fly swatter

(Thanks to Focalpoint)


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Guys in action.

Hold my beer and watch...opuch!

I have several of these, one of which is actually too powerful and throws the insect back (with a visible spark and audible "pop"). Then the bug gets back up with a confused hangover but very much alive.
But I charge $5 for the privilege of sticking your tongue or other appendage to it.


No, just guys.

Uh OH, Steve You just gave another guy an idea.

That's gotta be unsanitary.

I have one of these too and it's never crossed my mind to lick it. Men!

Didn't Cameron Swayze start it all by talking about the watch that takes a licking?

Men of course, who else will sacrifice themselves for the advancement of science with such total abandon and disregard for the obvious consequenses.

Guys were about 40 years older than I expected, but some never do grow up (see Peter Pan).

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