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October 28, 2014


Kraft has responded to the controversy over its Jell-O Jigglers college team mold trays by saying it's not intended for college students to use in alcoholic Jell-O shots.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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And the Tooth Fairy is real.

And those items for sale in head shops are for "use with tobacco only."

Hint brainiacs: Teletubbie molds next time.

The Doritos Bong-O-Matic is for bubble blowing only.

Brings to mind the words "For protection against disease only."

Betsy, the earliest ones I remember seeing in high school read, "For Prophylactic Use Only."
We didn't know who those "Prophylactic" people were, nor how to pronounce that name, but we were willing to share if any showed up.

Key Quote - "You can't stop Jell-O."

Steve...I believe the Prophylactics were one of the Gallic tribes mentioned by Caesar.

Yes. I remember.
They were described as "very clean".

I am pleased that my Oregon Ducks have ascended to College Football Jello-Shot Royalty, I know I speak for my fellow alums when I say, PASS THE SHOTS....

I didn't know what it meant either, so I guess I was antiphylactic at the time.

Ralph...did you go into antiphylactic shock?

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