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October 27, 2014


Woman who had no idea she was pregnant gives birth at GP surgery after going to appointment for stomach ache

(Thanks to Jon Harris)

Ladies: Stories like this always strike this blog as highly improbable. Is it really possible to be nine months pregnant and not know it?


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There are 3.5 billion women in the world. Odds are some of them have the perceptive abilities of dead weasels.

Odds are that this particular woman wonders what caused it.

Well, obviously the men in her life were following Uncle Dave's advice: never ask a woman if she's pregnant until you see the baby's head coming out of her body.

I guess she took that advice too.

I do personally know a woman who was about 7 months preggers when she went to the doctor with stomach pain.... however in her defense she was told for years she could not conceive a child so she legitimately thought she was ill. She's also a tad heavy. Anyhoo, the child is beautiful and of course spoiled rotten. So there you go.

I have never been pregnant, but I think I would have noticed that something was going on -especially after emptying my stomach into the porcelain receptacle in the bathroom for several weeks. I have HEARD it is quite noticeable by those who have experienced it. Also, the weight gain - even for those of us who are constantly battling it - might hint that more was going on than an occasional chocolate chip cookie devoured on the sly.

A woman I knew thought it was early menopause. But her first child she and her husband went through heck trying to get pregnant then "Surprise!" here comes number 2! She figured it out pretty quickly. Never known anyone who was happier to be barfing their guts out every morning after breakfast.

I have met a couple that had a surprise! birth. They came to tell the story of their second non-surprise birth to our birth-prep class. Of course, we focused more on the first one but, hey, normal births are -- in comparison -- fairly boring and we were all looking for boring at the time.

I guess she shouldn't have eaten the ice cream.

When you hear " Hi Mom ! " , that should be a good indication.

I have been pregnant and I definitely knew it all three times. I've never understood how a woman could go 9 months and NOT know she was pregnant. During the last month I couldn't sleep because it felt like they were playing basketball in there and occasionally you could see the outline of an elbow or knee. How do they explain that?

Tat poor kid. She will probably leave it in the grocery store.

The baby looks just as surprised. "Whoa, I have a Mom? I didn't realize anything was going on until I popped out of my nice warm spot and saw HER!"

Funny you should mention this - the local paper did a story on how this phenomenon occurs due to a recent story about a local woman to whom this occurred while she was on holiday http://www.theage.com.au/national/health/why-it-is-possible-to-not-know-youre-pregnant-until-the-baby-arrives-20141022-119u3i.html

My step grandmother claimed she did not know she was pregnant when she gave birth to her last child. The fact that she did weigh over 400 lbs and this was her 11 the child made the claim seem totally plausible to most of the family.

Almost as much of a surprise.

How did THAT get in there?

You should watch I didn't Know I Was Pregnant it's very insightful.

This explains the three wise men and a donkey that I saw last week.

I used to tell my kids that babies came from Ikea.

This might backfire.

I knew one woman whose daughter gave birth in the emergency room "by surprise." I'll just say that the whole family tended towards a general body profile that made this a bit more credible.

The damn fireman said it was artificial respiration!

yes i too can testify... had an aquaintance (friend of my mom) back in the sixties yada yada pain yada yada emergency room yada yada "surprise!" yada yada fat lady.

Regarding Ralph's link, that horsepatootie. At size 6 there's no way she didn't have a bump. I think they stole it from the cabbage patch.

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