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October 31, 2014


Black bears fight on suburban New Jersey street

(Thanks to funny man)


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The winner goes two out of three falls with Gov. Christie.

Jeff, Christie would probably just yell at them to sit down and shut up.

OK, boys! Break it up! Break it up!
Youch! Hey, I needed that.

get offa my lawn!

Only this blog has the courage to cover the shocking incidence of black on black violence!

Chris & Cory

How do they know it was a female they were fightin'

Maybe it Gov. Christies Bacon Burger....

Just saying....

That was not a serious fight; more like a shoving match. They've been watching the NBA.

A string of firecrackers would have relocated that battle fast.

The one on the left is our client. We are prepared to go to court over this.

I saw the Black Bears warming up for Phish in 1992. Helluva show.

Da Bears.

and was this the female they were fighting over ?

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