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October 31, 2014


South American Lungfish Removed From Man's Bowels (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

(Thanks to Janice Gelb and Ralph, which is what you will want to do if you watch the video)


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This is exactly why I never worked in the operating room. Plus the fact I fainted once during a hysterectomy after the surgeon dropped the uterus on the floor. Thanks a lot Janice and Ralph. Really.

Wasn't there something about a lit lightbulb you had to remove, cindy?

I bet that uterus made a splat.

Jeff that's true. I did have to assist in the removal of MagLite flashlight that had mysteriously gone up the backside of a little old farmer. He looked like a human glow worm. The uterus did make a splat sound and that's when I hit the floor.

I wonder what the farmer was looking for up there.

My son-in-law, a two tour Marine puked, re-served lunch, spewed, and otherwise vomited not once, twice, but three times while observing his daughter being born.
For some reason, blood and guts never bother me EXCEPT when it comes from one of my kids or grandkids.
But, as with I think most men, I do what is needed and feel weak after.

South American Lungfish opened for Doug and the Slugs.

I suppose this is better than having a bowelfish removed from your lungs

His ass was bass. Pity the poor lungfish. Abused for his pleasure.

Head_Smashed_In maybe he thought he had a lungfish stuck up there.

All your bass is belong to us.

This is the adult version of the warning to not cross your eyes or they'll get stuck that way. I admit, I've heard of (and thought up) some pretty weird ideas that were rather arousing, but I've never actually done them for fear that I would be caught or...ahem... need assistance. It's a rule of thumb that has served me well.

The late Robert Schimmel had a great routine about that, Gargoyle.

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