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October 27, 2014


A chef poses with a plate of yak penis


(Thanks to Ross Marks)


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If they go out of business, will they sing their schlong song?


There's not enough mustard on the planet. Just the thought of eating that gives me the willies.

Penisless Yak roamed the sleezy clubs in and around N.Y. for decades before recently severing their livelihood and going on tour opening for Manilow.

LOLed at Jan's pun.

Oh, I wish I were a yak or donkey wiener,
That is what I really want to be-ee-eeee.... not.

Good one, Jan.

Of course, if they opened a branch here they'd go for a more subtle name...say, Dicks R Us.

No we now why Walter has been absent from Dave's photos for so long. His "goose" is cooked?


I'd blame Siri, if I used Siri....

It's a CHAIN? Like Friday's? Whoa. Good thing for Walter he's already dead.

That would make me yak all right.

I have friends who call that foreplay.

Diner One: How on Earth do you think they got that?
Diner Two: Yakin' off?

I hope it is boneless.

Yak penis. The other white meat? I'll pass.

Dave, only you could have the stomach to post something like this at 8:06am.

Gives a whole new meaning to the rude phrase, "Eat me."

Be careful ordering.

Sum Dik not same as Som Duk.

You know what we mean.

Is "Yakety Sax" the background music?

Ewwwwww, and they want to charge $250 for the feast. I am curious as to what it really tastes like. Sounds sickening.

Tastes like chicken...

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