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October 28, 2014


Ancient Viruses Lurk In Frozen Caribou Poo

(Thanks to Gargoyle Socks)


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Another thing I cannot eat?

i saw ancient viruses open for caribou poo at the agora - it was epic.

I saw Caribou Poo open for The Monkeys. As you can imagine, the sh!t was everywhere.

Maybe the ancient viruses aren't lurking. Maybe they're busy playing checkers or knitting.

"Delwart's day job at Blood Systems is to find new viruses that could contaminate the blood supply. But he enjoys looking in odd places too."

This is a hobby you can really sink your teeth into.


"As far as Delwart can tell, these viruses aren't dangerous..."

"As the North warms and ice melts, more caribou poo infected with ancient viruses will be finding its way into the modern ecosystem."

This is going to be an important point in the next round of political debates.

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