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October 28, 2014


I wrote this book a few years ago, but it has been reissued with a spiffy new cover just in time for the holiday season:


FWIW, I'm quite fond of this book.


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I read that book. It's cute Dave.

Isn't Walter an oosick?

I liked the book a lot. Fun read.

LOVE this book. After Christopher Moore's "The Stupidest Angel," it's my favorite Christmas book. (Obviously, Christmas is a little different around my house.)

Dave Barry wrote a book?

Bah, Humbug.

I played Santa eons ago in a Cub Scout Christmas play. It was a non-speaking role; all I had to do was appear at the top of the chimney (a three-sided cardboard box with a small stepladder inside) and wave at the audience -- total stage time under 5 seconds.

Rehearsals went fine; the part was a no-brainer. On the Big Night, however, someone had strung Christmas lights across the stage. I climbed two steps, waved, and brought down the house. Actually, it was the light string that I pulled down with a crash of broken glass, stopping the play for cleanup, and totally destroying any pretense of thespianism.

I've hated Christmas Pageants ever since. And Santa.

I'll have to look for this one now. I'm still waiting for a Mister Language Person holiday book though.

Amazon says: "Temporarily out of stock. ".


“Striking just the right balance between sentiment and insouciance, this slender, hip Christmas story recounts a semi-autobiographical story.” —The Denver Post

Had to look up insouciance. Always like to learn a new word, but not sure when I'll get to use that. Maybe I'll try it at work today. "Hey Bob, did you see the insouciance Mary has today?"

Sorry Dave, I will wait for the movie.

I love this book!

Is there a dead dog in it?
I don't like stories about dead dogs.

i am quite fond of it too :)

I will have mine as soon as I can find the guy from the local church who sells cookies to the neighborhood businesses to pick one up for me.

I've ordered it for a Christmas Eve reading with the family, which one person suggested.

(I had no problems ordering a hardback copy, at about the same price as the paper.)

Loved it!

Why no eBook/Kindle version?

This instantly became one of my favorite books - not just by Dave, but in general. I love it. Go and buy it!

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