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October 30, 2014


Thief distracts staff by squirting her breast milk

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Another robbery by that dad-blasted varmint, Deadeye Dolores.

Now boobs are lethal weapons

44-DD Magnum

" Got milk ? "

I can feel for them. it would definitely work on me.

There is absolutely no reason those things should be in civilian hands. Of course if milk squirting boobs are outlawed, only outlaws will have milk squirting boobs.

Lindsay Lohan's antics have gotten out of control.

See? You can combine motherhood AND a successful career.

This is udderly ridiculous.

I would post a link to "Cows With Guns", but I might get smacked.

*SMACKS* wiredog. You had to see that coming.

Shouldn't that be boobed and dangerous?

I don't know why but I clicked on the link hoping to see a video or at least some pictures of the incident.

Or a BOLO photo. Then I read the article where the perp was described as "robust", and thought it best to leave it to my imagination...

Breast feeding and forced feeding are two completely different concepts, Lady.

She spent €200 to steal €100 ?

I don't usually say this, but

what a boob.

Hey, oneblankspace, you do realize you just insulted the intelligence of virtually every politician running this season?
Good for you.

How can this be the only pharmacy in the world without video surveillance?

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