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September 01, 2014


"Just out for a cup of coffee."

(Thanks to funny man and Bill Hudgins)


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This confirms my long-held intuition that any female barista who makes eye contact with me and smiles wants me! YES!!!

"How about some cream, big boy?"

Java Juggs opened for Buddy Holly and the Hooters.

All that caffeine and sex will give you a disease buzz....

Drive-through brothels? How does that work? No, wait, I don't want to know.

You know I thought their fresh melon prices were outrageous.

It's the richest kind.

But Freud said sometimes a pumpkin latte is just a pumpkin latte.

Just who is this hurting, let them have some fun, and if the gals make that kind of dough they can retire at 30.

Anyone else wonder why the investigation took 3 years, all the police needed to do was to send a few undercover cops with some marked taxpayer money to coffee shop and pay to have sex, nevermind. OK is anyone else wondering why the investigation ended so soon?


Her bankers told police that the money often had a foul smell, and that Panico told them it was because “she maintained these denominations in her freezer at home with fish.”

Drive-thru brothel? Talk about a quickie!

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