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September 30, 2014


A film adaptation of the classic ‘80s video game “Tetris” will be falling into theaters sometime in the near future.

(Thanks to John Gregg)


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Well, Dave, you yourself taught us that movie studios like it when the main characters in family films are in groups of four.

Will the critics get bent out of shape over this?

I don;t want to spoil it fo everyone, but the long blue piece did it.

I hear Jeff Goldblum is going to play the L-shaped piece.

Vin Diesel, Sylvester Stallone, and Hayden Christiansen would be perfect for all the emotional roles.

the villian

Eminently more watchable than any of those so-called "reality shows," you gotta admit.

I like understatement.

“What you [will] see in ‘Tetris’ is the teeny tip of an iceberg that has intergalactic significance,” Kasanoff says.

I'll wait for the musical.

We're the rights for Pong already taken?

The sound track will be killer!

Intergalactic spaces are pretty much empty vacuum, so it sounds like Kasanoff has it right.

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