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September 05, 2014


According to the Sheriff's Office, 81-year-old Fred Reede came to his bedroom window Monday afternoon at the Vista Grand Assisted Living Facility, which overlooks a swimming pool. Reede allegedly was wearing a bright red bra and panties, and he then exposed himself, shaking his genitals at the residents in the pool area.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and Jeff Meyerson)


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The name Fred is usually associated to a weird person. I wonder what the old ladies talked about that night in the dining room

For once I'm glad we don't have photographic evidence.

"Shake your genitals" was a great disco song.

Ding dang it, can't a man act out scenes from Macbeth in the privacy of his own room any more? Buncha dingle-knockin' Philistines.

I have friends who call this foreplay.

Time for grandpa to get a checkup!

Wait until he goes into the unsupervised cartwheel.

Evidently, he doesn't need that much assistance, after all.

Shoot, you have to keep your interests up in your later years.

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