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September 30, 2014


Woman Hid Heroin In Buttocks Prosthesis

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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This was too easy:
Buttocks Prosthesis opened for Butthole Surfers

Not sure who's on drugs here: you seem to have missed this sentence "Police ordered the occupants out of the weapon to conduct a safety frisk." The mind boggles.

OldPhil - Or possibly "Hole".

A mule with horse in her ass?

Hard buttocks-enhancing prosthetic, heroin, marijuana and crushed pills?

That's right. I was driving home to get dinner started.

that's a funny place to hide a hero


Ms. Flukey: "Buttocks Prothesis opened Hole". I like it.

She had junk in her trunk.

We're taking the case. Our client is innocent because of some technicality; this is not funny and we intend to sue.

Nothing funny about this.

She bun-gled her attempt to hide the drugs.

Butt your Honor, all I did was stop at the local drugstore for some powder.

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