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September 04, 2014


Grandmother arrested, accused of letting 3-year-old boy drive car

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)



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Perfectly legal in some way, we assure you. This is not funny and we intend to sue.

His Junior Florida Driver's License is on the way.

Dang it Granny, don't be lettin' that ding-ding grandchild drive that there golblasted car no more. You got the brain of a squirrel sometimes.

Squirrel brains? Them's some good eatin.'

Might we be reading this same article about Grandpa Dave and Dylan Maxwell in a few years? Nah...

At least the 3yo wasn't drunk.

It's hard to be the fun grandma when you have all these silly rules.

At least he has those first few fenderbenders behind him now.
AND he's on NASCAR's watch list.

Now she can refute the accusation that she drives worse than a three-year-old.

Was the state stupidity?

Hey, if she was drunk she'd be derelict for driving her grandchild anywhere!

Moron accused of....

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