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September 02, 2014


Once again, Dave did this about 20 years ago. Where is his large cash journalism prize?

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Aschkenasy


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They had to do the same thing to the grass in the movie "Field of Dreams"... Dave has been very influential.

The other man's grass is always greener, but now it's because of chemical additives.

“The only people who really think it’s weird are people who aren’t from California,” he said.

And that goes for everything else in California too.

We had a drought last year and I sincerely tried to feel sorry for people who mourned their lawns.
But the truth is, I dislike rain and hate mowing and mosquitoes.
Look for the silver lining around the cloud that isn't there.

There's no way that either the California ecopolice or the Bureau of Driving Businesses Out Of California will allow this to go on.

Steve I recommend concrete...
Seriously dude, my bro rented a house in college where the owner had pulled his lawn, and put in a personal minature golf course that wrapped around his home.
Needless to say the poor sucker got married [oops] and NO WAY the new bride was living there. So he bought her a new home, and the old one became a rental. IN a college town, it rented in seconds...

billb, there's a house here in St. Aug that I love. The yard is nothing but a few strategic plants surrounded by muted-color decorative gravel. Not a blade of grass in sight.
As is well known, one rarely mows gravel.

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