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September 04, 2014


Seriously, ew.

Advisory: Ew.

(Thanks to Greg M.)


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It worked!! She noticed me! Hooray!

I have friends who call that ruining coffee. Hang him from the fenestrations.

During my unfortunate employment at TSA, I learned early on to NEVER drink the break room coffee. The favorite trick for those folks was to put Visine in the coffee. I'm sure there were plenty of bodily fluids and other waste products involved. The internal motto of TSA is "We hate each other, but we hate you more." What they do to the passengers is just the tip of the iceberg. You don't even want to know about the ice machine.

Insane in the Blaine

'Lind was charged with two gross misdemeanor counts - '

yeah, REALLY gross !

Ew. We won't take the case, sorry. You're on your own. And next time just LICK the envelope.

"That was a felony. We'll need a DNA sample."

"K, hand me your cup of coffee"

Spoiled cream? It sounds like it was fresh squeezed.

She gave this guy much more leeway than any workplace I've ever been at...

What a disgusting psycho. Hope he gets prison time.


At least she can have confidence the coffee probably didn't give her an STD. Catching that would have involved him having sex at some point, and that doesn't seem likely.

Throw a brick at him.

Wait until a certain international coffee vender with a mermaid logo hears about this. "Excellent choice, can I make that a Grande?"

John Robert Lind, 34, told police he was attracted to the woman and "thought it was a way to get (her) to notice him," the complaint said.

WTFBBQ? Dude, you need help. Trust me.

There are certainly grounds for prosecution

there are some headlines you just can't un-see... no matter how hard you try

(oh, and *snork* at all of the above)

At least she didn't end up with a bean in the oven.

Gives "Human Resources" a new twist.

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