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September 02, 2014


By now, most people have seen the video of the cat/squirrel which ran in front of Kevin Harvick Sunday night at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

(Thanks to Steve Pudlo)


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Raccoons put him up to it.

We played Cat's Squirrel at the Isle of Wight Festival. Helluva show.

Man 1, Squirrels 0 in their attempt to sabotage NASCAR. If we only had this level of success with their sabotage of the power grid.

Cat's Squirrel was our long jam.

The squirreling must go on!

At least we managed to run the damn thing down eventually.

The race was called after 47 Georgia NASCAR fans in bib overalls jumped the fences to get dibs on dinner.

Gargoyle, I resemble that remark. I think you meant "South Carolina" fans.

No offense intended, BullDawg. I was raised in Florida, my brother lives in Georgia and my sister lives in Alabama. Insert the southern state of your choice. They all work.

♫ I squished a squirl & I liked it

George Costanza could not be reached for comment

good one ligirl.

Uncle Larry and Little Tommy would have had a great moment with this one.

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