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September 04, 2014


Malaysia Airlines has provoked a storm of controversy by asking customers to list the things they would most like to do before they die. The airline, which lost two planes this year in disasters that claimed 537 lives, committed the marketing gaffe when it launched a "My Ultimate Bucket List" campaign on Monday.

(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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I would like, I say I'd like to arrive alive at my, I say at my destination, please.

in an effort to rectify the situation Malaysia Airlines has changed its campaign to 'My Ultimate Ice Bucket List'
- & has offered unlimited blue ice for the challenge

So you get on the plane and put two items on your bucket list. The stewardess (or steward)reviews the list and says 'You don't have that much time'.....

I just want to live through this flight. That ok?

New service: They return your remains in a bucket.

You know, one of my bucket list items has always been canceling a flight at the last minute. I'll take a boat instead, thanks.

I'm with Android©. Number one on my bucket list is to NOT die in a flaming crash that is the opening story on the nightly news.

The last thing I ever intend to put on my "bucket list" is dying.

You know, before I die, I've always wanted to join the Mile High Club with two stewardesses. Hey, why are you putting me off this flight?

Are the new in-flight movies going to be "Alive" and the "Airport" films?

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