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September 02, 2014


Woman impaled in buttocks after texting while driving

(Thanks to Craig Roberts and Focalpoint)


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I have friends who call that foreplay.

To quote Tony Manero: "Dumb f#ck."

I give. I need to see a diagram of how can a pole go through the front of her truck and into her seat back and also go through her buttocks.

Weird things happen.
In my worst wreck, I was on the side of the road under a sheet while my shoes remained in the floor of the driver's seat, still buckled.
One was still on the gas pedal.

*agrees* w JG - she must've been side swiped

Olympic level butt dialing.

The only good thing about being impaled in the buttocks is you can have all the ice cream you want."

- Forrest Gump

Another case of bad guardrail design?

Add that to Red Asphalt.

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