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August 06, 2014


Man conceals Swiss cheese in his pants

He walked with a waddle.

(Thanks to Andy Marchetto)


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man conceals swiss cheese in pants
doo-dah, doo-dah
smells like gentlemen from france
oh, dee-doo-dah day
gwine to burn your eyes
gwine to make you say:
"i thought fromunda was just a joke,
please take this bloke away"

♫ What'll I do
When I want swiss
and blue ?
The swiss
will do
Waddle - I do!

He should have just said that he farted!

So...he wasn't just happy to see us, then?

I wonder if he knows this guy.

Get some bread and they could have a picnic!

" Logs " is an unfortunate choice of words.

This story is full of holes.

I saw Hanging Cheese warming up for the Arctic Monkeys. Helluva show.


I have friends who call this foreplay.

A Swiss Hole.

*Snork* at ligirl! Now I'll have that tune in my head all night.

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