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August 21, 2014


No. 1 Most Expensive Coffee Comes From Elephant's No. 2

Check out the Black Ivory website:

Once deposited by the elephants, the individual beans are hand-picked by the Mahouts and their wives and then sun-dried and roasted.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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I wonder if I could start this coffee production at my home, with myslelf taking role of the elephant. I could sell it cheaper than Starf..cks. Maybe some crowdfunding?

They should make a commercial just like Folgers - what an aroma!

Hunh. Judging by the few times I tasted coffee I assumed that it was all made that way.

Yeah...like Folgers. Have a modern, with multiple body piercings, Mrs Olson explaining why its the richest kind.

Honey, that's great dung!

"Coffee please."

"Tizzy doesn't have a bowel movement till around 5:30, have a look at the menu while you wait."

He just doesn't like cats.



I'll stick to the beans that have been crapped out by civet cats, if you don't mind.

Good to the last plop.

The best part of waking up is floaters in your cup.

I wonder how someone decided you could make coffee from that crap.

FUNNY ! kudos to Layzee and Juan....

Elephant Dung Coffee Beans? I’ll Pass! (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

This brew concept’s hard to digest.
It’s a crappy plan — far from the best:
Amp up elephant mash
With coffee beans. Rash?
Grab a stool and retrieve. Have a fest!

Elephant Dung Coffee Beans? I’ll Pass! (Limerick)

Okay, Mahouts and "their wives" gather this stuff. Are the wives not Mahouts, too (I'm having a Dr Seuss moment)? So, what are the females - Mahoutettes? Mr. Language needs to know.

Well at least it provides an incentive for elephant conservation.

From the Black Ivory website: Please note that only end users can purchase Black Ivory Coffee.

And it would appear that only "end users" can produce it, so to speak.

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