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August 03, 2014


Han Li Xuan Barbecued Meat Market in Beijing, part of a Korean barbecue chain with an all-you-can-eat buffet, was caught in an illicit food-recycling program by a pair of intrepid undercover reporters who filmed employees collecting meat from customers’ trays and re-serving it to unwitting guests.

(Thanks to klezmerphan)


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Back in the middle ages when I first worked the Kentucky State Fair as a health inspector, we were told to watch for kids picking up empty drink containers from the ground and trash cans.
Turns out that sales of soft drinks and beer were tracked by the number of containers used and NOT by the volume of product sold.
We had no mercy on vendors caught buying used cups.
Remind me some day to tell you about corn dogs.

Hold Dae recycled Poo.

Sum ting nu -
Chu sum stu!
Hoo dun chu?
Yu chu tu !

When somebody REALLY tries recycling, we go all Monk on them.

Steve, please don't ruin corndogs for me! Our county fair is starting in a few weeks and I always get a corndog and a funnel cake when I'm there.

OK, I'll bite. Steve, please tell us your corndog story? My fair opens on the 29th....

*pokes* NC.

*rethinking dinner tonight at the Chinese buffet...*

I simplify for everyone and clean it up for NC.
Corn, like gravy, can hide a multitude of sins.
The good (?) news is that many hot dogs have so much preservative that they're hard to kill.

Did anyone else read that as "We'll just have Walter, thanks?"

The article was not nearly as amusing as expected.

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