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August 05, 2014


We’re backpacking in Glacier National Park in a few days, so I’ve been checking the trail status updates to make sure our path isn’t going to be blocked with rabid moose and/or grizzlies.  This is today’s update for one of those trails:

Gunsight Lake to Gunsight Pass/ 3.0 mi. SNOW HAZARD: 4 steep snowfields within 1 mile of the pass, the largest is 150 ft wide, ice axe recommended. At least 2 gangs of aggressive goats and rock-throwing marmots to dodge. 7/26/14 per 824 Katz

And we thought grizzlies would be the most dangerous wildlife we faced…(and the goats aren’t to be trifled with either, it seems)

-- Gary Black


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Marmots carry the plague, too.

Nice marmot.

--Jeff Lebowski

i used to play bass for the aggressive goats. i think.

I'm trying to picture this. Is it two gangs of goats or a gang of goats and a gang of marmots? Are the gangs fighting each other so a hiker doesn't want to get in the middle? Do they have tattoos? Do they say "Yo mo fo"?

I used to have a squirrel who threw sticks or nuts at us. My cat used to glare at it. One day I came home and found it neatly laid out on the back porch, with a "I never saw that cat" look in its glazed eyes . . .

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