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August 21, 2014


Some spiders grow bigger and have more babies in the city.

(Thanks to Ken Fineberg)


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You are never more than seven feet away from a spider or a fool shouting into a phone.

It's because the raccoons are feeding them. They are all in league with the squirrels.

Harry Potter novels dispute this claim. Movie too.

I've been walking the dogs behind our Florida house lately. We've passed some truly impressive golden-web Nephila spiders, some of which can be seen at dusk from 20 or more feet away.
One who was right by the sidewalk had at least three hopeful boyfriends ready to sacrifice all for her love.
BTW, these spiders like to build webs across open spaces during the night. So, if you're the first one to go on a nature trail in the morning...better send one of the kids ahead.


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