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August 12, 2014


The three members of the Woodward family — Nicholas, 19, Joshua, 22 and father Brian, 46 — were all arrested on the same day for showing up at staggered times while driving under the influence to the same original crash scene near Metcalf Pond Road on Saturday, the Burlington Free Press reports. The series of same-family DUI charges all occurred as each individual came to check on the previous person’s arrest along Cambridge Road.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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"Nick, you and Josh listen up and stay put face first on the ground until the officer stops spinning around and I can handle this in a respectable manner."

I'm shocked! Usually the third time's the charm. I bet their family dinners are interesting.

A guy tries to bond with his sons and the cops get all huffy.

That is so sweet, they can do some quality time in the HOOSGOW together...

Sounds like the name should be 'Wayward'

We had a guy near here get arrested for 3 DUI's on the same day, he crashed his car, then got stuck in his truck trying to pull it out then went to work and borrowed the tow truck to pull then both out.

Family discount?

Go home, Woodward family. You're drunk.

We need a boffin to tell us which gene causes that.

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