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August 05, 2014


A pub in New Zealand is in trouble with the authorities over a "FREE BEER TOMORROW" sign.

Health Promotion Agency general manager policy, research and advice Dr Andrew Hearn said they understood the humour.  "While we get the joke, however the reality is a member of the public had complained about the sign and, strictly speaking, any promo outside licensed premises offering free drinks may be in breach of the law."

In other words, he doesn't actually get the joke.

(Thanks to Bill Moore, who says "Whoever turned Pero in should be hunted down and thigh-shot.")



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There was a tavern in Rhinelander Wisconsin that had the same sign for as long as I can remember. When the new owners took it over, they removed the sign. A lot of locals said it was up for probably 30 years or more.

reminds of a couple local bands that performed back in the '80s - Free Beer and Ample Parking. of course the Bare Naked Ladies made it kinda big with that same joke.

The citizens are really *strict*. The neighbor from New Zealand, Chris, when discussing any topic frequently mentions how much better Jesus is than him.

The Kiwis I know would be lined up at the pub the next day and the day after that, and so on until the apocalypse.

Really stupid, meddling people keep stupid, meddling bureaucrats in business.

Great. Now I have that song from Annie stuck in my head.
The beer will be free. Tomorrow.
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow,
there'll be free beer.
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love you tomorrow.
You're only a day away.

I saw a sign posted outside a bar here in NYC that read "Cheap wine and free love (say 'Please')." I'm certain it's the "say 'Please'" clause that legally protected them from any and all prosecution or litigation.

Just requires a minor typographical fix to remain compliant:

Pero Says
Up yours

Everyone knows you can't buy beer...only rent it.

Thanks for the earwig, nc... clever lyrics, too.

*climbs aboard Geezer Bus*

I used to tell people that, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you."
Made me laugh every time.
But I really did help a lot of people.

my kiwi mates would give the bum's rush to any whiner that messed with the pub

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