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August 19, 2014


New marijuana drug 'Wax' looks and feels like lip balm

(Thanks to Focalpoint)


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Doggone it, I was a-puttin' it on my gol-danged automobile.

I've been using it to wax my board, dude.

It contains 11 different herbs and spices.

Don't let the raccoons get any of it.

It would seem Burt's Bees have been a little naughty.

Holds up lighter. Appears to be putting on lipstick.

wax on get off

My buddy saw Wax, Butter and Honeycomb open for Crosby, Stills and Hash. He meant to say Nash.

Oooh, my wips fee kinda stwange.

Fire in the hole.

Key quote: "Police say while it is easy to make, the ingredients needed to make it are flammable which could lead to burns or even cause a house to explode!"

So, it's the crack cocaine of pot. You know it's bad because they used an exclamation point!

Huh. Hash is now "new".

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