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August 26, 2014


This is from Gene Singletary, native Miamian, caterer extraordinaire and longtime friend of this blog:

This is why I freaking love Miami. This morning I went to the Home Depot and there in the parking lot, doing business as if he were the CEO of Home Depot, was a  real live Cuban entrepreneur, making Guarapo, AKA Sugar Cane Juice.  

For $1.00 I got an ice cold drink of pure sugar , complete with a touch of Everglades top soil and swamp water.  Delicious!!

What a country !!!!



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Once upon a time my clothes were dried with a machine like that. My machine had a crank and was missing the sophisticated pasteurization process that machine has.

One minute you are a solid citizen, and the next you are scoring cane in a parking lot in Miami.

manual, there's an old saying: "Ain't seen such excitement since Granny caught her tit in the wringer."

Because buying something to drink made from questionable ingredients with un-inspected equipment in a parking lot from someone you don't know is one of the smartest things you can do.

yeah hey gene - you want i could squeeze some of that kale that my wife's growing for you. put it in a vise, fix you right up.

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