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August 27, 2014


Meat Mountain.



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I'm hoping to sneak one in to a buddy who is recovering from triple bypass surgery. I'm pretty sure he is a fan of the sandwich.

I'm planning on using a bagpiper or accordion player to distract the ICU staff.

Nice! I would so eat that.

Be sure to put a dab of Horsey sauce on the equine layer.

Naturally OSHA, HEW, the FBI and the Glorious Revolutionary People's Party of Food Police will be all over this immediately.

I polished off the one-pound corned beef sandwich challenge at a local deli. How hard could this be?

I don't deny myself much as far as food. Unfortunately, my gut shows it.

Enough to make Paris Hilton moist.

I'd order it with a diet Pepsi

I saw Meat Mountain warming up for STYX back in, hang on, that was Meat Loaf. Sorry, my bad.

I rode Meat Mountain at DisneyWorld. I'll never forget it. He was great.

Meat Mountain open for The Young Farts. Who coincidently stink.

Gee, why all that bread?

The meat's OK. It's the bun that will kill you.

Oh, to eat a whole Meat Mountain
With the barkers and the colored balloons,
You can’t be shy for a whole Meat Mountain
Though you’re eating it
You’re grieving it too soon
You’re grieving it too soon

thats it ?
When I was a lad and worked at MackyD, we made huge tower meat 12in. samichs when the boss was off banging some under-age employee.

But then viral-corporate smoothies are pushin craaap like this for a big fee these days.

Good Times / Criminal Bosses, eh?
at least they weren't scum like the KochSuck Bros.

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