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August 16, 2014


Download Trim.X85VdO 


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Omigod, they turned his shirt BLUE!

That's awesome, Dave! Just think: you can just have that fat sign shipped wherever you need to go, and -- voila! -- you're there. No more plane flights and hotel stays in strange cities.

That's the most impressive mall entrance that I've seen since.....well.....Tiffany.

Getting pulled out of top hat would have been more impressive.

Wow, the audience reaction to that entrance was beyond comprehension. My buddy said it was cock.

When it's time to go home, does it work in reverse?

I'm still waiting for the magic....

Dave, did you wear LONG SLEEVES to the maul?
NTTATWWT, I just thought things were always warm
in Miami malls. Or mauls, as is sometimes the case.

Side trip to Narnia?

HA! He had to check first to make sure you were there. I bet for a second you thought about not appearing.


Now you can tell us the secret!

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