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August 11, 2014


D.C. news crew robbed while reporting on "sketchy" neighborhoods

(Thanks to Jon Harris)

If we recall our cub-reporter days correctly, this was actually a burglary, not a robbery. But still.


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Were you a sports reporter, or a wildlife reporter?

Looks like thy were right about it being a sketchy neighborhood.

Wildlife reporter.......definitely a wildlife reporter!

Did the news crew get the middle initial of the perp?

Gold star to Dave. From a legal standpoint, "Robbery" refers to committing a theft while using violence or the threat of violence (such as holding someone up at gunpoint), while "burglary" is the act of trespassing with the intent to commit a crime (such as breaking into a news van with intent to steal stuff).

Old news: The "sketchy" neighborhood app is racist.

New news: The "sketchy" neighborhood app is truthful, at least about that particular neighborhood.

SOOOO the guy that made the App had his buds break in to the Van , BRILLIANT publicity! Collect a million bucks and retire.

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