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August 26, 2014


Apparently not.


(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Too funny. What the hell this country is founded on the fact that we employ the road crews for extensions beyond.

Actually, it's for the last stop on a Pub tour. And they'd been sampling the products..

Everyone laughed until the bup ran them over.

No problem; I have a gub, not a bup.

You think it's funny now, wait until the bup kisses you.

Bun stop would be funnier.

*grabs yellow paint - makes P into an R, adds a P*

tee hee!

Burp stop would make a lot more sense.

Given todays teenagers, how about "PURP STOP" ? Yeah I can spell too.

When did they start using chalk for the road signs?

(I guess it makes sense if you're going to misspell words.)

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