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August 19, 2014


Spokane County Sheriff’s deputies said they found the evidence on Kyle Tucker’s cell phone. The 26-year-old was recently arrested and admitted to snapping inappropriate photos of women, but offered an unusual excuse. Investigators said Tucker told them that he only takes the pictures when he is hungover.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Following Tucker’s confession, he showed deputies his massive collection of photographs and videos according to records.

So, you're a pathetic alcoholic then?

Give him his phone and hang him over a cliff and see if that's true.

So, if I understand this correctly, taking a photo of someone's rear end, but not necessarily from a "private" perspective, is illegal?
Where, then, is the massive correctional facility peopled only by those involved with the Kardashian family?
Note: sometimes the difference between an a$$ and the person it's attached to is imperceptible.

Yeah buddy, hic, I'm there fer ya, my ol pal buddy, hic. That always happens to me too.

I have friends who call that foreplay.

This one time, during a standoff? I took a picture of a raccoon's butt.

Steve: it perhaps isn't clear in the article but the photos were from a private perspective, of the genre I have been told is called 'upskirt' in the trade. That said he had a really poor excuse by claiming he only did it while hungover, he should have claimed he was checking for guns and explosives because he feared they might be terrorists.

Except for the hungover thing, the same thing happens to me when I see a good looking guy in a kilt.

Sometimes it happens to me with raccoons. Ow, I didn't see that door.

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