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August 05, 2014


Stunned motorist films HORSE travelling in back of car in Brazil

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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I'm stunned too. Normally I don't see horses get drunk enough to prevent them from driving.

I've always wanted to drive a Mustang...to his vet appointment.

Damn. I'm guilty again of not reading the header before posting a comment that basically repeats it. Please accept this video link as a means of atonement until I'm back in the saddle, or on the wagon, or both.

Mr. Driver's Ed.

I went into the pasture the other day to get some flowers for my wife. The horses, of course, came over to investigate and, maybe, get a treat (I didn't take any).
My wife said I disappeared into a "horse pile" and only my legs were visible.
It was like a dog pile only when a horse checks your pockets, he CHECKS. And they drool.
I can't imagine one in a car. It would be like a 1500 lb. dog.

It looks like the hose was also surprised.

This isn't that rare an occurrence. I've heard that most husbands have a nag in the car.

One horsepower? Must be Japanese.

My dad bought a pony for me many years ago and we brought it home in the backseat of the car. He made the fellow take it back because it killed our chickens.

Nancy B, why didn't you move the chickens to the front seat?

unbridled *snorks* all around!

pony express - maybe a coupe with those chickens ?

Driver: "Is there a problem, officer?"
Horse: "Neighhhhhhhhhhh."

I heard it kept jumping out of the back of the pickup truck.

4th George the chickens were later after we got the pony home . What scared my dad was that the pony ate parts of the chickens. He thought that I was small enough to be in danger. Dad bought a safe old horse instead. Ponies are scary.

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