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August 19, 2014


We are.



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Well, I'm glad you're getting starte... aiiiii!


Ah, protection in case you read another NYT article about Miami and have the urge to bang your head on your desk!

Ok, now I'm convinced. Those alien autopsy films were real.

Um, Dave, going "Clyclops"? Always a daring fashion choice.

Teletubbies Deep Sea Diving suit?

I bet he stays warm in Miamai.

I saw it warming up for the Residents back in the 80s. Helluva show.

They made me wear one of those when I was in rehab. Then the raccoons laughed at me.

Prototype of the next Olympic Games mascot?

It matches your shirt! Do they come in blue?

Boy, who knew curling required such elaborate protective gear?

Cool! Curling t-shirts for Christmas. YEA! (What? That wasn't the odd thing. Back to work.)

ja, ja, ja - I laugh in Spanish.

Dave, you're (not your) using an Apple computer!?!?!? Have you no shame sir?

Finally! Dave's secret to staying so young looking.

Is there a face in every opening?

Yay! I loves me some Gift Guide news.

Seriously, what is it?

A blow hole?

Something you bought from the in-flight catalogue?

A UFO (Unidentified Farcial Object)?

It's a pair of crotchless women's underwear made out either a ShamWow! or an As seen on TV Snuggies.

This is obviously a gift for a rhinoplastic surgeon so they know how much to remove, thus the multiple sides for various depths.

Clearly, it's a dick head.


Dave, are all those colonoscopy certificates on your desk a clue? Because I don't see how that thing would effectively block out the sound of "Dancing Queen."

Dave is a Kardashian?

dude, you waxing your legs?

Snuggies meets the diving bell.

PLEASE be sure to include the Potty Training Barbie, complete with authentic Mattel dog poop!

Dave is Toiletman? There goes his secret identity.

I think you've got that on backwards. Or upside down.

I have a pair of those for my husby and I during 'Star Wars' foreplay...

How did that Aventura mall outing go for you? Any hot Cuban chicks there? You know there were.

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