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August 15, 2014


I'll be at the Aventura Mall tomorrow.


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Sorry I will be unable to attend.

Duluth MN

If it was in Michigan I would try to get there.

Dang, Dave...it's not in Chicago either. Lousy planning by somebody....

Dave wrote a book?

I was fortunate enough to see Dave several years ago when he was in Atlanta. It was wonderful! Not only is he funny but he is also a genuinely nice person. If you are close enough to attend don't pass up the opportunity.

i met dave twice. introduced myself as 'mudstuffin' which he recognized. he signed my copy of 'peter and the starcatchers' "to mudstuffin, who has magic in his pants" which is one of my proudest moments and means he actually reads what's going on around here.

The first time I met Dave (in Vegas at the AARP Convention in 2004) he told his security guard (obviously there to protect him from crazed fans people like me and Mad Scientist) quote, "He's crazy."

One of my prouder moments. Thanks, Dave!

Not that I'm tooting my own horn or anything but Dave gave me a hug. It was nice and absolutely made my year. He also mentioned I was one of the saner ones here on the blog so there.

I was pretty sure this was about a mass breastfeeding at the mall.

Which made me think: Dave wrote a book about breastfeeding?

I'm on the wrong coast, but Dave came to St. Petersburg a year or so ago with Gene and I met them and had my picture taken with Dave. I'd post it but I don't know how to. It was a stellar moment for me, even though it was a bad hair day. Dave's looked the same as usual. I've been laughing my ass off since I started reading his column in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette in 1993.

Now I'm reading Gene's in the Tampa Bay Times and thank the powers that be for this blog. Life is good.

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