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August 01, 2014


Sharknado 2: The Second One lived up to expectations.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Up to?

Regrettably I missed it due to watching old Bobby Darin bloopers during the filming of Oz. I sure hope Sharknado 2 will be shown again for our viewing pleasure in future.

Come on, it was a classic.

In all fairness, no one ever said Fin didn't know how to fly a plane, so that only leaves 37.

maual tomato: I believe it will be on again for your viewing pleasure Saturday night.

Gee, I missed it. I don't know when it was on, but I'm sure I was busy watching the Red Sox lose or something equally as entertaining.

Saturday night, 7 pm

Saturday night 7pm, The Sixties: 1968. I am recording this to show to my wife who saw the Sharknado 2 preview one night and said, "What is that?! Sharks are flying in the air?" Maybe she will take some interest in 'shark week' after I show her 1968, or better yet she will relate to social issues of that time and burn her bras or ask me to call her Flower Child. She'll probably say, "why you show me all this fighting, I'm busy don't bother me."

manual, get your wife some of this.

Dang. Now I'm probably going to have to watch this...movie(?).
On a related note, my grandson is reported to have caught a two-foot long shark yesterday.
In the river. He caught it in the river.

I'll tell her I saw it in Glamour magazine if she asks. She'll think I'm the sophisticated type when I mention it, like when we first met. Then she'll recall and revert back to calling me names and say things like, "What's a Shark perfume?" (I just showed her the link and she said, "Yeah, thatt's stupid. I think she meant both, the movie and the fragrance.)

My wife and I have been together for half of our lives, more than 29 years. We have cherished, meaningful conversations like this a LOT.

My real name is not Manual and I'm pretty sure it's against the Blogs strict policy to reference to my real name.

Your real name is F@#k?

or is it M@ni1ow?

Hey, lets have these writers do the next 24 series or

I could see Jack and Chloe in the Sharnado disarming a bomb as they fight off sharks while President Allstate is "reanimated" by a secret CIA mad scientist team.

Now that's MUST SEE TV!

Rifftrax (the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys) did a live skewering of the original "Sharknado" broadcast into theaters a few weeks ago. Obviously prime material for the riffmeisters! :)

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