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August 26, 2014


Struthers Police arrested two men Saturday evening after witnesses said they pulled their pants down and yelled obscenities at one another in a woman’s front yard, according to a police report.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Sounds like they wanted her to see their prize possession. At least that may be what they think.

Hey, they're just lucky he didn't join in.

Thigh shooting would have followed.

I had wondered what happened to Archie Bunker...

Disappointed to see he got involved in a cockfight.

The whole fight just petered out.

For crying out loud... Were they 6 years old?

yer right, Allen at Division - worse yet he tried to sally the Struthers police!

Sounds like another "episode" of The Kardasians,
only this time with guys...

Sally Struthers is probably crying over this, but since when does she have own POlice Force?

It was an effort at moderation. It would be difficult for the fight to escalate beyond yelling if both parties have their pants down around their ankles.

Anderson should be thankful that Susak ripped an aluminum downspout of the house instead ripping Anderson's downspout of his body.

Do they want men to express their feelings or not?

That, my friends, is the thousand-yard stare of a man who has nothing more to lose.
Probably because they took his lawn chair away.

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