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August 07, 2014




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That's dumb. Hong Kong's in Europe.

south amasia ?

You are kidding. Hong Kong is dead, I saw him falling of the Empire Stare Building.


Heck, then I've been getting my suits made in the wrong place.

At CNN's news director, Les Nessman, pulled the right info about the giant hornets off the teletype this time. I remember when the 'b' was out on the machine and he was going on about monster lizards ravaging the east coast.

That's odd. There weren't any vuevel vulevez of those annoying horns in Brazil that would attract those Hong Kong-ese hornets to Rio.

I am ashamed to say that this is the second time I have seen this today, but only the first time I noticed the goof.

I shall go punch myself in the throat now.

The Hong-Kong-ese Hornets WBAGNFARB.

Is the lower third supposed to say Mariah Carey? Because that's not in Hong Kong either.

And the stingers are THIS (spreads hands WAY, WAY apart) long.
(Mrs. Hornet laughs).

O death, WHERE is thy sting-er ?

I especially like that huge, arms wide, statue of Confucius in the harbor.

You're right Loudmouth. Egg roll mountain with the statue is an awesome sight. Seeing it makes me want to make a selection from column B...sniff.

My Border Collie pointed out that Confucius has his own mountain. Everybody's a critic.


I presume the CNN journalist standing by the map is Miss Teen South Carolina. (And for the record, I personally believe that CNN put Hong Kong in Brazil because some US Americans don't have maps.)

That's not Hong Kong? Phooey.

How blonde is CNN?

Actually I think this is a photoshop.

Nope. Not a photoshop. From last year. And this was neither the first nor last time that CNN has had mapping issues.

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