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August 23, 2014


German tenant evicted for squeaky old sex swing

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "Our rights are going fast.") (Also thanks to Gary Schroeder)

We saw Squeaky Old Sex Swing open for Benny Goodman.


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Ach du lieber!

Maybe he should have tried some KY-40.

If the swing set was squeaky he should have used his teeter totter

I thought Squeaky Old Sex Swing opened for Steely Dan.

You're right Amoeba, KY-40 always loosens my nuts.

I thought Benny Goodman opened his set WITH "Squeaky Old Sex Swing" during that show.

He was a real swinger....and a bonder, it seems....


WD-40 also can do miracles, as can coppertone sun oil...

Allemagne left, and swing your partners all....

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