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August 22, 2014


Yesterday I went with my daughter to our local community college to buy her books.  They had this mannequin in the bookstore window wearing one of the t-shirts they have for sale.  This is best endowed mannequin I've ever seen!   I'm not talking scholarship wise either.  We both wanted to check to see if they were real but did restrain ourselves because that would have been creepy.




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That's from the new "Whoamannequin" line.
They're very popular.

Finally! A life-sized Barbie!!

'We both wanted to check to see if they were real but - that would have been creepy.'

no, nursecindy - that would've been Spectacular :
'Nurse Arrested for Groping Mannequin . . .'

Nurse Diesel ..?

I'm sure that they take all the football recruits by the bookstore and point out that the mannequin is typical of ladies who attend our school. And the next line is "Here is your letter of intent. Please sign here."

football recruits? what like computer science majors are immune to the powers of the boobage? i scoff. i sneer.

furthermore, what happened to ramparts? nobody says "ramparts" anymore.

According to Merriam-Webster:
Dutch mannekijn little man, from Middle Dutch, diminutive of man; akin to Old English man. First Known Use: circa 1536

So somehow between 1536 and 2014, it's come to mean disproportionately enhanced woman.

She is definitely happy to see you, cindy.

And for mudstuffin: O'er the ramparts we watched....

A potential cover picture for the school's Nursing program brochure.


My 10th grade English teacher was surgically enhanced to look like that mannequin. When a desk got tossed from the classroom's third story window, to our dismay, she got bent all out place.

At least the t shirt isn't soaking wet.

It must be warm in the window!

As big as those things are I'm sure even a mannequin needs a wonderbra to get them that perky.

Some of the other female mannequins are jealous and talk trash behind her back.

Ah, college...

No doubt, the male bookstore employees were in charge of the display.

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