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August 20, 2014


Earlier this month, more than $20,000 was lost when an armored car company picked up money from the Atlantic City casino — and left one of the bags on the roof.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Eh, you win some, you lose some.

It's always in the last place you look.

I've done that with my lunch bag. Left it on the roof. Lost it too !

Happens all the time with coffee cups. Why not with bags full of money ?

Armored Car Guard School Rule #1: Never put the bag of money down except IN the armored car!

When I lived in Worcester, MA, a guy left his baby in his child seat on the roof and drove onto the interstate. The baby bounced off and was fine - didn't even tip over. Sadly, he was on his way to the hospital to visit his wife and newborn.

back in the dark ages my dad left a pyrex casserole full of jello (he was supposed to take it to work for some lunch thing)on top of our AMC gremlin as he drove me to school. half way there it slid off and shattered all over the road (in response, he laughed a hearty laugh and just kept going - loved that man.)

the weird part is that moments before this happened, we passed a group of teens standing at a corner where there was a stop sign - i mean within ten feet of them, and they said nothing. i guess they saw a lot of gremlins with food on the roof or something.

You fools, it was TAKEN BY THE RACCOONS! don't you understand?

We received a call from a neighboring state's Patrol Officer for a wallet that had been found on side of the road.

Jr. NMUA left it on his roof.

The officer was nice enough to return the ID to my son's frat house. He was even nicer to provide enough warning time to make sure that the smokers were limiting themselves to tobacco

Oh, that's where it went.

Of all the stuff that has fallen off of trucks in front of my car over they years, why couldn't it be this?

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but soon after I started working in the payroll department of my employer 25 years ago, I once left a package of payroll checks on the roof of my car when I was driving them across town to deliver to another office. My boss went out and followed my exact route, and found the package by the side of the road nearby. All these years later (including 11 years now as head of the department), I'm still kicking myself.

Someone lost money at a casino? Why is this news?

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