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August 21, 2014


Drunk French judge tries to bite policemen after mistaking them for taxi drivers

(Thanks to Ralph)


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French taxi drivers on etc.

It's a cultural thing, the judge must be a Franco-Transylvanian. In the Transylvanian culture biting is considered to be a polite greeting. At least that is what the pale guy who works the overnight shift at the gas station told me.

He was just upset after learning the policemen weren't Uber drivers.

This is a job for Inspector Clouseau!

Montpellier !

The balance of France was not on high alert?

Drunk French judge. Isn't that triply redundant?

Huh. A country where a relatively high, so to speak, official can tie one on and make an ass of himself without it being a career-ender.

It's the cheese. They eat all that cheese.

This cannot be a real French story if nobody surrendered.

So he was arrested for NOT driving drunk?

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