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August 24, 2014


Mr. Ridley Pearson went to elaborate lengths to challenge me to take the ALS icebucket challenge.

 I was at a soccer tournament, so I couldn't match Ridley's production values (not that I could anyway). But here you go. 



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Nicely done to both you and Ridley. A very dear friend of mine (and huge fan of yours) has ALS and he appreciates not only the donations that are coming out of it but equally as important the public attention this devastating illness is receiving. So on behalf of my friend Paul, thank you.

dave did his 'neat'

we were in nyc last wknd & saw 2 'celebs' filming their 'ibc's - got in the background of Both their youtube videos... pretty funny, glad it goes to a good cause ;)

Yes, my aunt died of the disease some years ago so yes, it is time it was getting a share of attention this awful thing deserves.

Let's hope Clarence Thomas and Nino Scalia have the chutzpah to accept the challenge.

I've taken care of several people with ALS and it is a devastating disease. I did private duty with a guy that was the quarterback for my high school football team. (Go Lions!) Towards the end of his life the only things he could move were his eyebrows. I'm so happy to see this disease getting some recognition.
Great job Dave.

That was great! Provides a whole new prospective into what the *hell* Joe Cocker was talking about regarding his friends at Woodstock.

ridley wins the internet!

I was searching around the NET for a Gloria tab with decent E, D and A diagrams. I read Dave is heading off to Russia with Ridley next month. Does this mean I'm a snoop and should mind own business and forget about ever staying focused long enough to find decent E, D, A diagram?

Dave yours is the best. Too funny.

Sorry Dave, nursecindy insists on a wet t-shirt.

I don't make the rules, I just report them.


We've been in Florida all week and it's been a tad warm.
So when did Dave actually have an iced bathtub poured over his head just to get the relief?

*SMACKS* Jeff. You weren't suppose to tell him that!

I hope the Supremes take up the challenge!

Who knew you could donate to charity without ice water ?

I wish I had remembered to remove the bottle of wine before I did this.

*challenges meanie to the blue ice challenge*

I second the rule reported by Jeff–Damn! *I* wasn't supposed to say that out loud either.

Well, shoot, I was doing it wrong all along; I challenged my ice bucket to a dance-off. It totally beat me at the cool jerk and every dance with the word "slide" in it, so I got my revenge by drinking it with a slice of lemon, which turned out to be really good at doing the twist.

Bravo, Messrs. Barry and Pearson!

HA! Too much win to choose! (Am I the only one who has always loved the Pearson daughters' names?)

^ DISCLAIMER: I'm sure the Barrys and the Pearsons get along like one big happy family.

That said, I once attended an interview/Q&A where Ridley mentioned what his daughters' names are, and then Dave made the finger-in-throat barfing gesture. XoD

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