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August 07, 2014


When asked what had occurred, the man said he purchased a Ruger LCR .38-caliber revolver over the weekend. His wife was reportedly on the Internet Tuesday night — and "attempting to show it to their daughter via Skype" — when the weapon discharged.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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haha - is there a screenshot of the thigh shot ?

Upon arrival they found the male resident, 54, sitting in the driveway. He was applying pressure to a gunshot wound to his upper right thigh.

"Calling Mr. Bauer. Mr. Jack Bauer. Your table is ready."

This is exactly why I don't use Skype. He should have put up a perimeter.

Usually the only thing sitting in front of the computer loaded and prematurely going off is the user himself.

Always, ALWAYS, assume the gun and the user are loaded.

Amen to Steve. Don't assume that a weapon is unloaded... or that a laser sight makes it safer or cooler.

No hammer means someone did something really stupid with an otherwise nice piece.

She should have associated with men of higher caliber.

Maybe that's how the web service got its name in the first place – someone was testing it while playing with a gun: "All right! Watson, I can see you clearly. This is so cool; I feel like we're on The Jetsons... lemme just adjust the[*BANG*]SKYPE!!!"

By design, the LCR may or may not have a hammer. The base LCR models are double-action only (DAO) and don't have an external hammer. The LCRx models do have a hammer and can operate in single action mode. The Lasergrip is activated by a button on the front of the butt, so I can see how, while trying to squeeze the button, someone might close their entire hand and pull the trigger.

At least their daughter was safe, even if on one else was. Someone needs a safety class, STAT.

@Frank: That's why I'm leery of weapon-mounted lights and lasers, particularly those with the 'on' switch on the grip right below the triggerguard. I've read too many accounts of cops and citizens squeezing the wrong finger and having a negligent discharge.

Although with a double-action revolver, that takes a lot more doing than with something like, say, a Glock...

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