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August 11, 2014


Top 40 station 90.3 Amp Radio has started to cut off the songs played on air halfway through, allowing for twice the number of songs to be played each hour in a bid to cater to their listeners' ever-shortening attention spans.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Personally, I think this is

AMP was forced to reconsidered after many listeners called in stating they could not understand the words and more importantly the meaning of the abbreviated Rap songs.

I got bored and didn't finish the article...

I can name that tune in 4 notes.

Switching the radio to 90.3 Amp Radio on the geezer bus.

I have seen no proof that attention spans, look squirrel.

I hope they don't do this to any Rupert Holmes songs. I'd hate for listeners to have to assume that Timothy got up and walked out of the mine while the others were sleeping, that the piña colada people aren't morons, and that Him turns out to be just Old Man Withers from the amusement park.

Our new program director, Sarah Palin, announced that quitting halfway through something is as American as

I can't get no

So they are also cutting the commercials in half?

What's an attention span? I think I drove over one on I-87 last

Including Iron Butterfly's greatest hit "In" ?

Huh. I remember the "Minute Waltz" being longer.

So the DJ will probably now say "Next up, 60 seconds of 30 Seconds to Mars"?

Where is Morris Day and The Time when we need them most? I know...edited down to "Morris Day and The"

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