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July 01, 2014


But it was a hell of a game, at least at the end, and USA goalie Tim Howard was godlike throughout. The usual highly eclectic World Cup crowd was on hand, including Satan, a big Belgium supporter.


Also on hand, of course, was a character whose name is synonymous with international soccer: Popeye the sailor man.


And of course Captain Something:

Captain Something

(We apologize for the fact that Captain Something is sideways, but this Brazilian Internet can be slow, and we are darned if we're going to spend 15 minutes trying to rotate Captain S and re-upload him.)

This couple brought their son, Julio, to his first World Cup game. Julio is the bulge with the name "Julio" written on it.




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And so futbol is finally over.
Just like the metric system.
65 days until kickoff

So...they serve beer in Brazil then.

Nice pictures

Dave you're cute but you're no Olive Oyl. Great pictures. It's nice to see that Julio is getting a head start on his soccer obsession.

Great! Now we can forget about soccer (football) for another 4 years just like we forget about curling after the Olympics. Whatever happened to the Tour de France? Do they still have it?

Dave M.

I saw that spear in the crowd! I was wonder if The Dave was nearby. But it looks like they met elsewhere....

All this ridiculous mayhem makes regular folk nostalgic for more sedate events here at home, like the Super Bowl and the Civil War.

Great, just when I've learned about 5% of the rules I can't watch for another four years. Although my son's sister-in-law plays on the Costa Rican women's team and (hopefully) will be playing in the Women's World Cup next year in Canada. Probably not as much TV coverage, though.

I thought Julio was down by the school yard.

gee thanks, Steve. now i'll have that song buzzing through my head all afternoon.

*takes seat on the geezer bus*

I'm looking down and spitting on the ground, Steve.

(And every time that name gets mentioned.)

well I'm on my way
i don't know where i'm going
i'm on my way
i'm taking my time but i don't know where

*runs to catch up to geezer bus*


ligirl, if you can still run, you can't be on the geezer bus.

But those lyrics pretty much describe me when I leave the house in the morning.

I like the sideways pix. I read the blog lying down, anyway, and always have to rotate the pix that are not sideways, so the sideways pix are always a welcome relief for me.

Dave clearly you failed to hard-check a few Belgies pre-game as I requested. Now you see what happens. It takes the whole country to win a war, dude. Even the greatest goal keeper ever [35yrs old!] could not save us alone.

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