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July 30, 2014


...our strict policy prohibits us from linking to this item.

(Thanks to Harry Farkas)


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With a name like that, I'll bet he's popular with women.
Is his job a staff position?

Preferably restate your name, displaying it will not be necessary

Longerbone and Van Dyke. Heh.

- 'dated Columbus schools’ data chief during probe'

heh heh

and there's my tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen. i shall retire to bedlam.

- & Bush is on top of the story

So, he was told that he could only keep his job if he was no Longer boning her?

I didn't think VanDykes ever dated Longerbones.

fond memories of this guy's concerts -

Longerbones are coming within us,
they're coming within us, they're coming within us
. . .

But he does have his shortcomings.

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