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July 03, 2014


World Cup drunkenness shocks FIFA official

(Thanks to MikeinMontana, who asks, "Have you heard from Dave?")


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Reminds me of a Stones concert I went to where the guy in line ahead of me turned and said, "Boy, it sure is drunk out tonight!"
The truth speaks, although it sometimes slurs the words.

I am hearing rumors that there may also be gambling in Las Vegas. Shocking.

Could be worse.


I hear they're also shocked that matches may have been fixed.

If only there were a law limiting the amount of alcohol sold at stadia in Brazil. Oh wait! There was, and FIFA got it scrapped.

Captain Renault: "Shocked...Shocked to see such drunkeness !"
Server: "Your 3 Mai Tai's Captain."

It's true: if you're sloshed out of your gourd, you miss all the finer points of the game, whatever they are.

Does anyone know what the price of a glass (pint?) of beer costs at these games?

When the new baseball owner bought the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" (Their official but dumb name) a few years ago, the first thing he did was lower the price of beer - to only $7 a cup!

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